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Taehyung is a sugar baby and gets what ever he wants from his sugar daddy; which is Jungkook. Favorite things he loves to get is: gucci and love from his sugar daddy. t. Favorite things he loves to. Daddy!Haikyuu! x Mommy!Reader! No family is perfect. we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end family is family.the love will always be there. Sugar Daddy Kim Junmyeon Suho X Reader [1] Plans. Cadence Grace. Tags Fanfiction Romance Daddy Sugar Kpop Fanfic Reader Exo Suho "Suho-" You walked along side with your "friend." You worked at the hospital together, and you had gotten especially close with Suho, seeing as you went to college together and whatnot. "That's Oppa to you." You rolled your eyes. "Fine, Oppa. I meant to ask. - M A S T E R L I S T - The newer fics are added to the bottom of the appropriate section. Therefore older fics are at the top, and newer at the bottom. Smut - [S], Fluff - [F], Angst - [A], Requested. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

AU•Sugar•Daddy•Sasuke x Sugar•Baby•Reader Sasuke Uchiha is filthy rich and the country's most eligible bachelor, but he still can't keep a woman by his side. Now in his mid-thirties, the youngest Uchiha is craving affection but he doesn't want to be tied down. Hungry for affection and. Contrary to popular belief, summoning a demon wasn’t that difficult. All you needed was a working phone and the stroke of midnight. After dialing 6-6-6, you sat on your bed, waiting for the liaison to pick up. “Welcome to Hell sub-unit, Lust Circle. This is Namjoon, how may I help you?” Demons.

Find out who your true BTS Suga daddy is! Forbidden Love - Sugar Daddy!Tony Stark x Reader Request by @secrets-rain: Could you do an imagine of Tony Stark as your sugar daddy?? Summary:. BTS AS SUGAR DADDIES A/N: I was bored and hungry “paring: sugar daddy bts x sugar baby reader [gender neutral] genre: ??? words: 1314 warnings: surprisingly no mentions of. 09.11.2017 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Request are open. Oldest -> Newest Series A Broken Heart is Hard to Fix -College!AU - Park Jimin x Reader - Fake Text AU - Complete - The Family Business -Mafia!AU - Kim Taehyung x Reader - Fake textswriting - Complete - 47K - Sugardaddy? - Sugardaddy!AU - Jeon Jungkook x Kim Taehyung - Social Media AU - Complete - Good vs. Evil - Demon. 06.11.2019 · kim taehyung bts bts v bts fic bts icons bts smut tae x reader bts x reader mood tae taehyung bts maknae line bts vocal line bts rap line bts jungkook bts namjoon bts jin bts jimin jimin jimin x reader jungkook x y/n jungkook smut jimin smut bts fluff jimin fluff taehyung fluff jungkook fluff taehyung smut tae smut funny. taehyung taehyung smut taehyung oneshot kim taehyung taehyung x reader taehyung x oc taehyung imagines bts bts smut bts imagines bts scenarios bts fanfic friends to lovers bts reactions daddy kink dom!taehyung taehyung angst taehyung fanfic roommate au bts x reader jungkook smut Heatwave curly-bangtan curly-bangtan heatwave. Kim Taehyung is a college student struggling with money so he signs up with an agency that is finding company for rich lonely men. And that is how Jeon Jeongguk becomes Taehyung’s sugar daddy. OR: Another sugar daddy au because that’s original lol. But idc because I love sugar daddy JK, fight me. I hope my portrayal will be little bit. dowse me in holy water writing bts smut bangtan smut namjoon smut rap monster smut namjoon x reader namjoonxreader rapmonster smut bts scenarios bangtan scenarios daddy!kink daddy!namjoon daddy!bts dom namjoon dom!namjoon idk man YOONGI WOULD BE SUCH A GOOD DADDY TOO UGH DON'T LET ME GO THERE PLEASE bts fanfiction daddy namjoon namjoon rap monster.

daddy! yoongi x chubby! reader. where you’re being just a little bit needy <3. first text scenario! enjoy! bts scenarios bts texts min yoongi bts bts au bangtan texts bts fake texts kpop scenarios kpop texts suga x reader suga x you suga scenarios. Sugar [Jungkook x Male! Reader] Prologue. Xana. Tags Fanfiction Realistic Romance Bts Bts X Reader Jungkook X Reader Jungkook Jeongguk X Reader Jeon Jungkook Bts Jungkook X Reader Taehyunf Kim Taehyung Male Reader. Sugarbaby: A younger recipient usually female, having a sexual relationship with someone who have authority and power, mainly for money and fame. 05.10.2017 · Suga is a little to protective over you when it comes to you hanging out with the other members. Yandere Jungkook, Hunger Games AU. Warnings; gore, death, yandere behavior, killing, strong language, kids murdering other kids, male on female violence special trigger warning: if you have suffered abuse or are extremely sensitive to like-mannered scenes I want to take a moment to warn you that there is certain scenes in which male tributes. Yoongi x reader When you fall asleep on him. Summary: You were tired because of your work but you wanted to stay with him while he do his paperwork.

  1. In short, a cheater fanfiction. BTS x Reader Sweet Suga' On Your Lips. 15.8K 353 139?Stripper/Sugar Baby Reader x Sugar Daddy Min Yoongi¿.
  2. Read Daddy Jungkook x Mommy ReaderBirthday special from the story Bts/Exo x reader by JoelLegacy Jelly with 2,051 reads. kpop, bts, exo. Non smut version f.
  3. He asked while buried your face on the blanket "Yes, daddy." you whispered and them he left. you whispered and them he left. When he came back, you were now asleep.

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↣ song rec: airplane pt. 2 - bts ↣ summary: so far, your arrangement with jung hoseok has been innocent, steady and lighthearted, but when he invites you on a weekend getaway to paris, both of you start to realize that there’s more than just chemistry going on between you 27.12.2018 · Daddy vs. Boyfriend 18 Oneshot Series BTS /story/1714143. Please do support my fanfics on wattpad also, it would mean SOOOO much to me. Sehun x reader sugar daddy au pleaseee. Here it is! Hope you enjoy. Aaaaaaaaaa. tenprr liked this. singingunderthecurtain posted this. Theme by roxiestheme • Powered by Tumblr This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.

- M A S T E R L I S T - - さ、おいで.

NSFW Jealous Yoongi Shameless Yoongi smut from me to you. Gif is not mine, but the story itself is. I hope you guys like it because i rewrote this thing four times because I wasn’t happy with it, so.

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